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At ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION WORKS, we specialise in house underpinning services.

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Strengthening The Foundation

The underpinning process is used mainly for homes that have walls of brick veneer and a foundation of concrete slabs. With time and exposure to the elements, the slabs may crack or sink in certain spots. As a result, the brick veneer will lose its tight alignment, leading to structural instability.

To remedy the situation, jacks are used to prop up the damaged and slumped slabs and a new coat of concrete is poured around the jacks. This corrects the brick alignment problem and adds more stability to the structure.

Professional foundation repair


House Underpinning Melbourne Northern Suburbs

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Our team at ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION WORKS has many years of experience in house underpinning. We have the expertise and equipment to provide services of the highest standards. Trust us to complete your project on time, within budget and in an organised manner.

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Trust us to complete your project on time, within budget and in an organised manner


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